Why the Pharmacy Stop is a Necessary One

A growing trend in our industry is “Physician Dispensing.” This is when a medical provider sells the drugs from their office instead of writing a prescription and sending them to the pharmacy.  Some companies will go to physician offices and set up “vending machines” with the most common drugs to be sold.  Then physicians get

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100+ Busted in Medical Billing Fraud

The latest in medical billing fraud headlines reads: 107 people charged in healthcare fraud bust. It’s a bust that’s costing the government an estimated $450 million in false billings. In Miami, FL 59 people were charged; seven defendants were charged in Baton Rouge, LA; nine were charged in Houston, TX; eight in Los Angeles, CA; 22

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Finally…Something for Big Boned People

Everyone knows that the increase in obesity is one of the largest cost drivers in US healthcare costs. For example, medical treatment for workers’ compensation injuries can cost six to eight times as much with obese patients vs. non-obese. I tend to gain and lose weight a lot (bad, but my reality), so I was particularly

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More Consumerism in Healthcare

Here is another article about consumerism in healthcare. It discusses how people who cost the healthcare system more are going to be asked to pay more. I expect this way of thinking to become more common as the costs of healthcare rise and companies can no longer absorb the costs.

The Beginning of a Healthcare Market

For years, I have said that the issue with healthcare is it does not act like any other market.  Other industries have competition based on price and quality.  If your price is higher, but your quality or product is better, some people will buy it.  If your price is the lowest, some people will buy

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