Betting on Things That Never Change

In life and business, there are things that change and things that never change. After reading this article, I’m convinced it’s very important to focus on the things that never change.

Certainly, we are always trying to anticipate industry changes and their impact. How will blockchain​​​ technology change medical records? How can AI change managed care?​ Change will and does occur, and we need to constantly be adapting and finding a better way.

Still, some things are universal and timeless. Our customers will always want good value and great service. They will always want an easy user experience. It’s not possible to picture “change” where our clients ask us to not respond as quickly, process referrals and bills slower, and make our systems a little more difficult for them to use.

If you look at Amazon’s original website, it advertised, “One million titles, consistently low prices.” Although the products on Amazon have expanded exponentially, large selection and affordable prices have remained the cornerstone of their business model. What’s changed is how they utilize new technology to deliver timeless value.

It’s important to focus on the things that “never change” to ensure we are doing them as well or better than we ever have before. The overlap of the “change” with the “timeless” is the sweet spot in the Venn diagram of product and business development.

Here is a list from the article of some things people will never stop caring about, with some of Rising’s specialties bolded:

  • Better value: Greater savings/Lower prices
  • Faster solutions to problems
  • Greater control over your time
  • More choices
  • Added comfort
  • Entertainment/curiosity
  • Deeper human interactions
  • Greater transparency
  • Less collateral damage
  • Higher social status
  • Increased confidence/trust 

We can make big, long-term bets on these things, because there’s no chance people will stop caring about them in the future.