Over two decades ago, Rising was formed to streamline and improve the interaction between the medical community and the paying financial community.

Rising is not the treating physician, but we work with exceptional medical providers. Rising does not provide medical insurance, but our programs impact medical payments worth billions of dollars. Rising is not the patient, but we promote quality, expeditious and recovery-driven treatment. Rising understands the financial implications that must be considered to maximize the health of companies, financial institutions, people and society as a whole.

We are advocates for both the medical and financial perspectives, two powerful forces that often find themselves in conflict. Our world is one where patient care, medical knowledge, legal implications, financial concerns and information technology all culminate into critical decisions.

I believe a fundamental mistake was made by the industry many years ago – a loss of focus on what is important. Companies that provided services in our market utilized industry labels and considered themselves “healthcare” or “managed care” companies. I consider Rising neither of these things. We are as much a financial organization as we are a healthcare organization, and we take our dual role very seriously. We help companies in all industries by ensuring the disbursement of fair payments for appropriate services. Rising’s programs allow employers to control medical and insurance costs, and carriers to pass savings onto their own customers through more affordable insurance rates. In turn, these savings help companies grow and enhance their capacity to provide jobs and healthcare coverage to substantial numbers of additional people. For adjusters, providers and patients, Rising’s ability to reduce the bureaucracy and inefficiencies inherent in the system decreases their frustrations and costs. Through our dual role, Rising has a platform to positively impact the life and health of almost every American.

From a results perspective, Rising focuses on maximizing every healthcare dollar to the fullest potential. Each dollar spent on our services saves clients significantly more in reduced medical costs and increased efficiencies. From a service perspective, Rising’s mission is to create ecstatic customers. We not only strive to have a strong financial impact on our clients’ operations, we also strive to be a bright spot in their daily lives, delivering Savings Made Simple™ and service that exceeds expectations.

In the end, every company must clearly define their niche within a market to be successful. Our niche: prioritizing our service quality over all other business demands. After all, if our customers are ecstatic, everything else will simply take care of itself.

Jason F. Beans, CEO