2019 Work Comp Benchmark Study: Comparing Claims Leaders & Frontline Staff Perspectives | Feb 2020 | Watch Now

Experts from the annual Work Compensation Benchmark Study — Albertsons Companies, Walt Disney World Resort, Zenith Insurance and Rising — share 2019 research results. The discussion focuses on the survey responses of nearly 1,300 frontline claims staff. They were asked what motivates them, what approaches they use to manage claims, how they engage injured workers, how they use technology, and what training they need. The discussion will also focus on how frontline responses mirror or differ from claims leader survey responses in previous years.

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2017 Work Comp Benchmark Study: Maximizing Next Generation Technology & Talent | Feb 2018 | Watch Now

Insurtech & Talent Crisis Crossroads: How successful claims operations maximize next generation technology and talent

Experts from the annual Work Compensation Benchmark Study — Markel Corporation, Albertsons Companies, bdb Group, and Rising — share 2017 survey results on technology and talent best practices that are clearly differentiating high-performance claims organizations.

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Value-Based Purchasing in Workers’ Comp: An Idea Whose Time is Here | Sep 2015 | Watch Now

Getting excellent medical results for injured workers at a price that is both predictable and reasonable has been a challenge for the industry. Expert panelists — representing the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Spine Institute of San Diego, and Rising — discuss why the time is ripe to explore value-based purchasing models in workers’ comp.

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Data at Work: Putting the 2014 Work Comp Benchmark Study Results Into Practice | Oct 2014 | Watch Now

Expert panelists — from Albertsons Safeway, Safety National, CCMSI and Rising — examine Rising’s 2014 Work Comp Benchmark Study findings and the complex challenges facing claims organizations. Topics include: creating processes for measuring provider and vendor performance; the impact of industry consolidation; quantifying the Affordable Care Act’s early impact; and how investment constraints are affecting operational performance.

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