Updated Mission Statement: “We make lives better”

Recently, Rising adopted a new mission statement:

We make lives better.
Rising takes the pain out of the healthcare experience
for those providing, receiving, and paying for medical care.

Though there was nothing wrong with our previous mission statement, it was a little hard to remember and did not seem to inspire people the way we wanted.

Revising Rising’s original mission statement was an exhaustive process. We considered hundreds of versions and modifications. We wanted to get it right.

I even tried Chat GPT once. I asked for a mission statement about a company that provides the services Rising does and takes the pain out of the healthcare process. It came up with:

“Our mission is to empower patients and simplify healthcare by reducing complexity and eliminating unnecessary pain points in the healthcare process, ensuring accessible, efficient, and compassionate healthcare for all.”

While it’s unlikely I’d ever remember a mission statement that long, for a first pass by an AI computer, I have to say I was impressed.

Still, the challenge persisted. To follow best practices, a company’s mission statement needs to concisely encapsulate its focus and value. For Rising, that meant accomplishing three goals with our new mission statement:

  1. Inspire employees and clients alike with a shared sense of purpose.
  2. Incorporate the word “better” to align with our tagline, A Better Way.
  3. Demonstrate that we “take the pain out of the process” for all stakeholders – employees, payers, providers, and patients.

With these four words – We make lives better – I believe we’ve hit the mark.