“We’re a fast changing company…and there’s got to be something that people can hold onto and those are our core values.”

– Jason Beans, CEO / Founder

Rising embraces seven core values that form the basis of our culture and the expectations we have for ourselves as individuals, as employees, and as teammates. We use these values daily to guide how we serve our clients and each other:

Achieve as a Team—We embrace an open culture of learning and mentoring, where we combine our collective strengths to exceed our lofty goals.

Bushido—We are guided by a code of honor, empathy, accountability, loyalty, resourcefulness, and respect.

Create Ecstatic Customers—We cultivate devoted customer fans who are true friends and advocates of Rising.

Diamonds, Not Coal—We tirelessly strive for excellence and the extraordinary in everything we do.

Energy That Inspires—We meet challenges with an infectious enthusiasm and passion that brings out the best in others.

Foundations Foremost—We prioritize and execute our core objectives with tenacity and precision.

Laugh Often, It is Contagious—We believe in working hard and enjoying ourselves as we do.