Exciting Advance in Treatment of Paralysis

I am sure many of you saw this, but I recently read about one of the most amazing medical advancements I have heard about in years. A group of researchers recently restored movement to the legs of paraplegics. There were four participants in the research study, and all four of them regained movement. According to the

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Do Steroid Injections Really Work for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Those of us doing this for a while are very familiar with the use of steroid injections to treat carpal tunnel.  Swedish researchers have found that, although this may provide some short-term relief, longer-term repair still usually requires surgery.

Seeing Pain on a Brain Scan

  Researchers have been able to see “pain” on a brain scan for the first time. This development indicates that in the future, we will be able to pinpoint pain and the scale of that pain more effectively. Think of one tiny application of this technology in the future:  Case managers and doctors often have trouble determining between chronic

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