A comprehensive medical analysis can be critical for any case involving medical liability, from expert record interpretation to appropriateness of care, billing reductions to settlement preparation.

Expert-Driven Assessments to Fortify Claims Strategies

Rising’s Nurse Record Review services provide clients with thorough and clinically objective evaluations to ensure fair and final case resolutions.

Our licensed RNs decipher pages of raw patient data into single reports, summarizing significant clinical fact germane to an individual medical event or multiple episodes of care. Clients receive clear and concise synopses reflecting any appropriate evidence-based medical guidelines and/or state-specific mandates. Our centralized nursing team holds multiple state licensures, making Rising optimally staffed to conduct reviews regardless of case jurisdiction.

In addition to medical record analysis and interpretation, our Nurse Record Review services can also:

  • Screen cases for merit
  • Build medical chronologies and timelines
  • Address the necessity and appropriateness of care, causality, and relatedness
  • Identify inconsistencies in treatment, billing, and/or coding
  • Serve as a powerful negotiation tool to reduce unnecessarily high settlement proposals
  • Determine a claim’s suitable medical allowance
  • Reprice acceptable treatment

Available on a per-case basis, all services offer direct communication with the reviewing nurse.

Nurse Record Reviews also lay the foundation for Physician File Reviews, the next tier in medical record assessment. Physician File Reviews are conducted by physicians board-certified in the same specialty as the claimant’s treating provider(s), ensuring their ability to respond to specific questions and issues related to the necessity and appropriateness of care.

Nurse Record Review Services: