Negotiating equitable settlement of medical charges can be one of the most powerful tools in your cost-savings arsenal.

Right Price, Appropriate Care

Rising’s Provider Negotiations help you pay only for what’s appropriate. Our track record shows we’re meeting a systemic need – 30 to 50% of the time Rising’s professional negotiators deliver reduction results. At no risk to you, we negotiate on your behalf and agree to equitable, final resolutions for:

  • Out-of-Network Bills
  • Hospital Bills
  • High Dollar / Complex Bills
  • Non-Subscriber Bills
  • Prospective Treatment

Our Accuracy, Your Advantage

To determine fair reimbursements, Rising focuses on appropriate charges not billed charges. First we pare down the bill to reasonable treatment items only, then we negotiate to reduce any legitimate yet still excessive charges. Here are two examples, always with provider agreement:

  • Resolved nearly $100,000 of inappropriate medical charges
  • Unraveled a complex bundling issue that saved our client $350,000

Benefits to You

  • An additional 28% in average savings over standard bill review results
  • Provider sign-off / confirmation on every case alleviates dispute concerns and legal costs
  • Better negotiation success rates and discounts through quick pay feature and Provider Payments
  • Flexible options: use as part of our Medical Bill Review program or as a stand-alone service
  • Easily integrates into existing workflows
  • No cost to you without savings from us

“We make sure every charge is appropriate and at a fair rate. If there’s an issue, we’re on it right away with the provider.”

– Nancy, Negotiator

Provider Negotiation Services: