Rising’s Risk Modeling turns volumes of unwieldy claims data into patterns that drive action, early.

Digging Deeper into Data, Finding Patterns

Traditional analytics and reporting can only take you so far, and the complexities of today’s claims management require deeper insights. Rising’s Risk Modeling is conducted on three levels:

  1. Across all data to identify larger trends and patterns that may impact costs, risks, and outcomes
  2. Client-specific targeting based on the unique challenges of geographic region, industry, environment, and other factors that may impact claim outcomes
  3. Targeted, proprietary risk-scoring algorithms that proactively identify risk factors and problematic claim activity that can impact costs and outcomes

Understand Yesterday. See Today. Act on Tomorrow.

Rising’s risk modeling moves analytics power further upstream in the claim lifecycle, so proactive interventions can have a greater impact on emerging trends, employee health, and claim outcomes.

Risk Modeling Services: