2016 Report Summary – Releasing This Fall

The 2016 study will utilize a targeted survey with claims leaders that probes deeper into a handful of critical operational issues/strategies highlighted in the 2015 Report. This will provide greater insights into a sharp set of issues, allowing the 2016 study to more fully engage in progressive problem solving that will most impact claims management today. This follows a natural evolution for the study program – we’ve pinpointed widespread claims challenges, outlined high-level strategies for overcoming them, and now the 2016 Report will provide practical steps to successfully implement key strategies.

2015 Report Summary

Based on resounding feedback from claims professionals who have asked exactly how to overcome the widely-faced operational challenges identified in the 2013/14 studies, the 2015 study brings a new approach to the program – qualitative, focus group research. Drawing upon collaborations and interviews conducted throughout the year, Industry Executive participants related the prior years’ survey results to their strategic visions for future advancement. The ensuing 2015 Insights Report synthesizes the past three years’ research into an incisive, “solutions roadmap” for claims leadership going forward.

2014 Report Summary

Building upon the robust 2013 study, efforts in 2014 focused on: developing multi-year trend data, delivering further insights around the challenges revealed in 2013, identifying any potential shifts in operational focus, and assessing the impact of the Affordable Care Act.

Top issues confronting claims organizations involve addressing the rapidly shrinking talent pool, grappling with emerging technology trends, and operationalizing performance measures…all while improving productivity and reducing costs.

Strikingly similar to the 2013 study findings, the 2014 study reflects an industry facing critical hurdles, many of which are not getting better. Based on 70-plus data points from over 400 claims leaders, the 2014 results further quantify how claims organizations focus resources to address these substantial hurdles.

2013 Report Summary

Claims Leaders participated in a nationwide survey about some of their most pressing daily operational challenges. Their survey results provide a look into how claims peers are addressing current industry priorities and hurdles. The 2013 Report – with perspectives from manager, director and executive-level claims professionals – presents findings in these key areas:

  • Prioritizing Core Competencies
  • Measuring Best Practices
  • Incentivizing Operational Excellence
  • Training & Retaining Staff
  • Assessing the Impact of Technology & Data
  • Evaluating Medical Performance Management

We’ve provided a short Study Highlights overview, or you may request a full copy of the 107-page report here.

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