Creating Exceptional Customer Relationships – It’s a Must

Taking the time to develop exceptional customer relationships is the most underutilized activity in business. Perfect service delivery without a great relationship leaves a person wanting…something. I recently read an insightful article on this topic. So much of what’s covered in it, we’re doing at Rising.    Here are a few key points from the article: Be responsive. Your

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The Story of Our Logo: Love It or Hate It

I’m often asked about our logo.  At conferences, people will walk up and say they love it, or it gives them a sense of good luck and they wear our t-shirts during sporting events.  Someone even has hit three jackpots wearing a Rising t-shirt and they wear it every time they go gambling now. Just as

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Why I’m In the Medical Cost Containment Industry

Many people have a medical nightmare story to tell.  Stories of medical issues that have compromised or challenged their or their family’s financial stability. My own brush with healthcare prompted me to get into this industry and eventually to launch Rising. Tell me your story in the comment section. Or drop me a line.