Rising Medical Solutions provides a complete spectrum of solutions for managing the costs and quality of medical care for the workers’ compensation, auto, liability, and group health markets.


It’s simple. Medical treatment frequently involves fear, pain, and hardship — physical, emotional, and financial. Rising eases the complex healthcare process so that helping and healing the patient becomes the primary emphasis. We facilitate quality, affordable medical care that delivers to payers the financially-focused service they expect, providers the reimbursement they deserve, and patients the medical treatment they need.

Rising Advantages

Simple solutions to the complex challenges of medical management


You’ve got a business strategy, and we’re here with you. As a privately held company, Rising can align our goals more closely with yours, without pressure to seek shortsighted gains at the expense of long-term vision. Independence allows us the freedom to dig into your needs and establish a lasting, successful partnership.


We give you options, in more flavors than just vanilla. Rising serves a diverse client base with cost and care management needs at all levels of complexity. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone service or an integrated solution, we get flexible and tailor options that make the most sense for you.


See trends. Be informed. Make decisions. Beyond data, you need intelligence to significantly lower costs and improve outcomes. We collaborate with customers to deliver greater transparency, deeper visibility into performance, and better support of the strategic decision process. Rising’s advanced analytics, innovative technologies, and web-based applications not only bring power to your fingertips, but also bring richer insight into program opportunities and targeted interventions previously beyond your reach.


Data, knowledge, and tools created with your top issues in mind. Rising directs a national research program that examines the pressing challenges confronting claims organizations today. The program empowers you with industry benchmark data and tools to evaluate priorities, hurdles and strategies amongst your peers, allowing you to pinpoint operational outliers, advocate for needed resources, and validate existing practices.