In today’s world, analytics are critical to controlling claims costs. And with pharmacy charges accounting for such a large part of those costs, Rising’s prescription tracking technologies bring a key element to the cost-saving equation.

Putting Data to Work for Risk Detection

Our award-winning Rx Intelligence Technology is a pharmacy analytics tool that alerts payers to questionable drug usage early on in a claim. A critical component of our drug utilization review solution, this pharmacy analytics tool detects at-risk cases by tracking prescription activity, including:

  • Fill datesRx Analytics
  • Number of fills
  • Usage days
  • Average fill interval days
  • Dosage amounts
  • Urine drug screenings
  • Costs
  • Prescriptions for all injury-related drugs
  • Prescriptions from multiple providers
  • Escalation and weaning patterns

Our configurable Rx Intelligence technologies can flag any medication type and utilize any formulary, including: state-specific formularies, payer-specific formularies, Rising’s formulary, or a blended formulary.

Business Insurance magazine named Rising’s Rx Intelligence Technology to their annual listing of top ten risk management innovations.

Rx Intelligence Services: