Rising uses technology to make our clients’ lives easier, helping them do what they do best.

Accessibility & Ease So You Can Get The Job Done

Needs change, the industry shifts, work gets busy. Our aim: make your job simpler.

Here’s how Rising VISION™, our proprietary online application for payers, achieves this for you:

  • Task Manager: Our adjuster and manager dashboards keep you up-to-date on what needs to get done right now.
  • Click Less, Do More: We minimize the number of pages you have to click through so you can get right to your tasks at hand.
  • Dig Deep: You can view an entire medical claim, or drill down to the bill or line level. The amount of detail you see is totally up to you.
  • Every Minute Counts: Save your precious time with batch approvals and denials.
  • Slice n’ Dice: Our reporting tools let you examine your claims data from multiple vantage points with dashboards, scorecards, charts and grids.
  • Always on Alert: We automatically track the lifecycle of a bill and instantly send out alerts, so you’ll never incur late fines or state penalties.
  • Savings Made Simple™: Complex doesn’t have to mean confusing. Rising’s sophisticated technologies make your user experience easy and empowering.
  • Youcentric: We listen to you. Our quarterly enhancements enable users to talk back, so we can create exactly what you need.

Payer Web Portal Services: