Rising’s digital marketplace solution consolidates the entire managed care workflow into a single platform, eliminating
multi-portal access needs and siloed program visibility.

One Portal, Single Integration, 100+ Best-of-Breed Partners

Effectively managing patient care involves coordination with numerous medical providers and partners throughout the path to recovery. It also typically involves numerous technology integrations, portal logins, and fragmented performance reporting.

To provide a unified customer experience, Rising has developed a one-stop, delivery platform for an entire spectrum of services. Our VISION™ Marketplace provides single sign-on access to best-in-class partners, powerful integrated functionality, and holistic reporting across your medical management program.

With our one-click referral hub, customers can schedule a wide range of managed care and ancillary services such as case management, utilization review, independent medical evaluations, Medicare compliance, settlement support, physical therapy, durable medical equipment, diagnostics, transportation, translation, and home health.

With our integrated functionality, Rising’s platform also improves user decision-making and efficiencies—through such capabilities as process automation, claims and provider scoring, artificial intelligence (AI) intervention flagging, evidence-based treatment alerts, reserving and disability duration alerts, and state penalty alerts—to provide new levels of ease, productivity, and outcomes management for claims professionals.

Connected Solution Delivers Value Across the Continuum of Care

A single integration with Rising provides access to an entire partner ecosystem and advanced technologies that both simply and enhance program administration throughout the claim lifecycle. With VISION™ Marketplace, payers can:

  • Minimize IT resource needs
  • Accelerate speed of innovation
  • Leverage increased partner buying power
  • Eliminate siloed reporting and program visibility
  • Maximize partner transparency and performance
  • Make one-click referrals for numerous services
  • Reduce portal fatigue and administrative burden on claims staff
  • Improve medical management decision-making

Overall, Rising’s unified customer experience delivers optimal care for patients, ease of use for claims professionals, and lower total costs for payers—all with no additional technology integration required.

VISION Digital Marketplace: