Medical costs tend to have a multiplying effect on the overall settlement value. Therefore, a comprehensive medical analysis is a critical piece of any settlement process involving medical liability.

Getting You to Fair & Final Resolution

Rising’s Settlement Support services address treatment that is unrelated, inflated, or inappropriate to produce a true and accurate reflection of all medical costs. This program integrates our medical bill review, nurse audit and physician peer review capabilities to deliver a complete and thorough analysis of medical bills and records:

  • Addresses relatedness of treatment, appropriateness, causal relation, pre-existing conditions and inconsistencies in treatment, billing or coding
  • Reprices acceptable treatment
  • Determines a suitable medical allowance for the claim
  • Serves as powerful negotiation tool to reduce unnecessarily high settlement proposals

Our Settlement Support services are beneficial when one or more of the following exists:

  • Claim charges exceed $2500
  • More than 15 visits to the same provider
  • Questionable relatedness or reasonableness of treatment
  • Aggravated or exacerbated pre-existing condition
  • Catastrophic or permanent injuries
  • Frequent specialty consultations / diagnostic testing
  • Delay in reporting the injury or seeking treatment
  • Lack of documentation or detailed treatment plan

Rising’s Settlement Support services are often used to support third-party auto/liability cases, and can also support other lines of insurance.  Additionally, for settlements that involve Medicare compliance, Rising has a suite of Medicare Settlement Solutions to support such cases.

Settlement Support Services: