One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is tapping into their data in a meaningful way. With Rising’s Advanced Analytics, we provide clients easy access to one of their most valuable assets: their data.

Analytics that Mean Something

Rising’s analytics platform, VISION Insights, makes your data easy to get to, interpret, and use. By transforming your underutilized data into actionable claims intelligence, VISION Insights helps you build knowledge sets that drive smarter, quicker decisions in one online reporting hub:

• Customizable Dashboards and Reports
• Data profiling, including metrics, trend, performance, and gap analyses
• Benchmarks
• Risk Modeling

It’s Your Data- Shouldn’t It be Working for You?

Vision Insights fast tracks your data analytic capabilities across your entire organization, so you can do things like:

• Identify and control high-risk claims (e.g. opioid patterns/abuse, high-risk comorbidities)
• Monitor claim close ratios
• Improve claim costs / reserving
• Predict and compare inflationary rates
• Create underwriting analysis and monitoring tools
• Leverage agent / policy scorecards and alerts
• Set priorities with employee dashboards

Organized & Secured

All of these services are provided through a secure, single data marketplace. This reliable cloud-based solution ensures HIPAA compliance, uptime, redundancy, business continuity, and best-of-breed data protection practices.

Advanced Analytics Services: