Rising’s ClearChoice® Data Solutions ensure reasonable provider reimbursements with accurate, up-to-date medical charge data for all of your bill repricing needs.

ClearChoice® – Medical Fee Schedule Solutions

We put our expertise to work in ways that help state agencies with medical fee schedule matters. From providing data-backed counsel on the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Medical Fee Advisory Board to developing the rules and rates for the State of Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Schedule, Rising can provide a range of regulatory consulting services for government entities.

ClearChoice® – Medical Fee Database Solutions

When a usual and customary solution is needed for repricing medical charges, Rising analyzes medical treatment data to calculate fair provider reimbursement rates. These analyses produce comprehensive databases, like our Wisconsin Certified Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Database, by utilizing millions of data points, geographically-specific data, and regionally-defined methodologies.

Access to State Fee Schedules & a National Database of Charge Data

Rising’s integrated systems will automatically reprice bills in accordance with state fee schedules or the leading independent national database of healthcare charge data, as appropriate, for our payer clients.

Data Solutions Services: