Web-based technology dedicated specifically to the nuances of managing Medicare Set Aside (MSA) settlement funds.

Rising’s online, MSA portal helps you manage your MSA monies. Just like your taxes, there are penalties from the federal government if you mismanage or misreport your MSA, so think of our web-based tools as sort of a “TurboTax™” for your MSA. From hands-off to hands-on, this tool serves the needs of all of our MSA clients.

For Self-Administration Support Clients

Rising does more than give you a binder of MSA Administration reference material and send you on your way. We truly put the “support” in Self-Administration Support with our online toolbox that helps you control your MSA funds.

Features that keep you heading down the right path include:

  • Secure, personalized online account
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Alerts about important Medicare news that may affect how you administer your MSA
  • Up-to-date guides, forms, resources and FAQs for managing your MSA
  • Definitions of various terms so you can better understand all the MSA lingo
  • Medical bill upload feature that allows you to automatically send bills to Rising, or send them to us via email, fax or mail and we’ll upload for you
  • Details of Rising’s medical bill review results, so you know how much we’ve saved you and how much to pay your medical provider – simply print out our Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and send it in with your check
  • Account ledger for tracking all your medical provider visits, dates of service, amounts paid and the balance of your MSA account
  • Assistance with filing your annual report to Medicare – your well-kept ledger will make this easy
  • Document upload and storage feature to keep all of your important MSA and settlement records in one place
  • Electronic trail, should you need it, to demonstrate to Medicare the care with which you’ve managed your MSA

For Professional Administration Clients

Rising administers your MSA funds from start to finish. So, as a Professional Administration client, you’ll use our patient portal a little differently than our Self-Administration clients. You’ll still get most of the features listed above but, instead of doing the work yourself with the online tools, you’ll be viewing the work that Rising is doing on your behalf. We believe in complete transparency and we want you to see exactly what’s going on with your MSA exactly when you want to.

MSA Web Portal Services: