With no Wisconsin State Fee Schedule, medical costs can be a challenge. Rising’s certified database provides the solution.

ClearChoice®-Wisconsin Gives Payers Repricing Capabilities

Wisconsin has among the highest workers’ compensation medical reimbursement rates per procedure in the nation. With no published medical fee schedule and an employee’s choice of medical provider, Payers’ options for medical cost containment are limited in the State.

That’s why Rising developed ClearChoice®-Wisconsin, one of the State’s select few certified database services available for repricing workers’ compensation medical charges. Its three key differentiators allow Payers to improve their savings in the State:

Most Comprehensive:

  • Holds four Facility and Non-Facility certifications, more than any other Wisconsin certified database

Most Coverage:

  • Covers the largest number of medical fee codes in the State
  • Covers all Wisconsin providers that service workers’ compensation patients

Enhanced Savings:

  • Provides the most discount opportunities available in the marketplace

ClearChoice®-Wisconsin is available through Rising’s medical bill review program or it can be accessed as a standalone service.

“ClearChoice®-Wisconsin addresses the largest number of medical fee codes in the State, giving our Wisconsin customers access to the most discounts available.”

– Dan, Chief Information Officer

Wisconsin Certified Fee Database Services: