Our ancillary care solutions support patients throughout their healthcare journey, while reducing costs and administrative burden for busy claim professionals.

Ancillary Care Coordination:
Powered by VISION™ Marketplace, Enhanced with Concierge Support

Ancillary services comprise approximately 20 percent of the medical loss dollar yet demand significantly more administrative time and coordination than hospital and physician office visits. From delivering wheelchairs and crutches to coordinating physical therapy appointments, Rising supports claims professionals by providing ancillary care services in a cost-effective and convenient manner.

Ancillary care referrals are managed through our VISION™ Marketplace, a one-stop, single portal hub that provides claims professionals with access to a suite of services, including:

    • Durable medical equipment
    • Orthotics and prosthetics
    • Hearing aids
    • Physical medicine
    • Diagnostic imaging
    • Transportation
    • Translation
    • Home health
    • Dental care

Referrals can be directed to preferred ancillary network partners or claims professionals can take advantage of Rising’s “best match” algorithms that locate the most suitable supplier based on proximity, speed of care, quality of care, network status, and price.

Throughout the order process, our ancillary care team provides support to claims professionals and patients. Concierge-style scheduling, delivery confirmations, and follow-ups are used to ensure satisfaction. In addition to order fulfillment, our in-house clinical team conducts expert medical necessity/appropriateness assessments when needed.

One Portal, End-to-End Referral Management

Overall, Rising’s ancillary care program:

  • Delivers full-service administration of ancillary care logistics
  • Reduces portal fatigue and administrative burden on claims staff
  • Leverages evidence-based clinical logic, supplier benchmark analyses, and data-driven contracting
  • Measures supplier performance using indicators such as pricing, turnaround, communication, evidence-based treatment, and adherence to authorized guidelines
  • Secures the best supplier “match” for every ancillary referral
  • Provides holistic reporting across ancillary and medical expenditures
  • Generates significant ancillary cost savings

Ancillary Care Services: