The Joy of Hitting the Numbers

I just started ANOTHER weight loss regimen.

It is tough for me. My lifestyle is inconsistent. I eat out and entertain A LOT. Last week, I had dinners planned for six nights in a row, not to mention business lunches. It takes a toll on the body. Still, I go up and down, and I need to figure out a way to maintain the same weight. I have young kids. I want to be around to know my grandchildren.

I jumped on the scale today and found that I dropped a good amount of weight yesterday. I have felt great all day. I’m motivated not to eat too much, and I’m dying to find the time to work out tonight after dinner.

Last weigh-in, I realized my weight had gone up. I was discouraged and drained for a while afterwards. I had no drive to work out or eat less.

It dawned on me how motivating success is. Hitting your goals and targets is self-fulfilling. You want to hit them again and again, and are excited when you do. Failure has the opposite effect. It is draining and demotivating. Failure begets more failure.

The key is, simply put, to START. The most successful people I know make it a part of their DNA to hit their metrics and goals. If they have a deadline, they make it—no excuses. Over time, they crave and expect that success, and achieving it becomes easier and easier. And they exude the energy and confidence that only comes with success.