Study Reveals Benefits of a Working Mom

A recent study by Harvard has shown that daughters of mothers who work outside the home have very distinct career advantages later in life.  In addition, their adult sons are more involved in household responsibilities and spend more time caring for family members.

There was a very large sample size, and the findings appear to be statistically valid:

• The daughters of working mothers are more likely to be employed than those of non-working mothers (4.5% more).
• The working daughters of working mothers are more likely to be in supervisory roles vs. the working daughters of non-working mothers (33% vs. 25%).
• The daughters of working mothers earn more than the daughters of non-working mothers ($5,200 per year higher).

Over the years, I have worked with many mothers, some of whom have expressed concern or even guilt about having a career.  I grew up with a working mother.  She had several part time jobs going at any given time (as many as 4 as I recall) and was often out of the house.    For me, I believe that seeing both of my parents work was a big factor in my work ethic and the successes I’ve had.  I’m sure I missed some things that stay at home mothers offer, but here is the main point…working moms –  you are setting a great example for your kids and this will only help them later in life.  Do not beat yourself up.