Some Appreciation for Coding

Most of us have looked at our medical bills with confusion.  I did when I had medical bills piling up.  It is a separate language and art form to understand healthcare billing in our society.  It is critical that someone look at your billing.  It is a sad fact that many medical providers are more profitable from their billing prowess than their medical outcome prowess.

Catching one issue during medical bill review can make a huge impact on the claim. Joe Paduda’s post shows some appreciation for the area we at Rising try to be the best at: coding. It also shows the importance of catching relatedness for the carrier, for non-group health claims (work comp, auto, etc.).  It is critical that payors or patients review bills closely.  If using a bill review company, it’s crucial that bill review companies check to see if the injury is really related to the claim. Reviewing relatedness and checking coding results is a huge cost difference to clients and the healthcare system at large.

That is money that can better be spent expanding companies and creating jobs, covering more people, or just savings for retirement.  This issue is critical to all of us.