Impossible is a State of Mind

“The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible — and achieve it, generation after generation.” – Pearl S. Buck

I love this quote. It’s true, as companies age and grow, they need to not let “experience” block ingenuity. 

Life is always a balance of “learning” from experience, and having bright minds and new views to take things to a new level.  Things that we could not comprehend a few years ago are commonplace today, but they were built on the foundations of thousands and thousands of years of learning and experience.

Any company that wants to be exceptional must always strive to bring innovation and evolutionary and revolutionary change to their products.  It takes a lot of purposeful, unyielding effort to make ingenuity a part of a company’s DNA.  So, forget about prudence sometimes — it is the only way to achieve the impossible.