COVID-19 Tracker

One of our clients, Johns Hopkins, has published a COVID-19 real-time tracker.  This is a great source for monitoring and analyzing the outbreak trends, and a few features are worth highlighting:

1) Daily Cases: The graph in the bottom right corner defaults to total Confirmed cases. This number will consistently trend up due to the formula (total past cases + new daily confirmed cases). There is a tab in the bottom right corner that has Daily Cases. This is a far more important graph to identify trends. All of the graphs are current confirmed cases (positive tests). Given the increase in the volume and prevalence of testing that will occur over time, I would expect an exponential increase in Daily Cases for some period of time. When the Daily Cases graph trends down, we are truly in a downward cycle. Click on a country or state in another section of the dashboard to see the trends in that region.

2) Recovered Cases: The chart in the top right defaults to total Deaths. This number will also consistently trend up due to the formula (total past deaths + new daily deaths). They do not show a daily Deaths graph to identify trends but, if you click the arrows below the Death chart, you will see a Recovered chart. As this number grows, a larger and larger percentage of the population will have immunity (driving the Herd Immunity we need). The Total Immunity is an important number for the overall recovery of our society. As the outbreak progresses, the gap between Recovered and Deaths will grow larger. The larger the gap is between Recovered and Deaths, the further along a region is in the outbreak cycle.

Overall, this is a great resource to use for the status of outbreaks in your region and worldwide.