California Implants

Implants are another hot topic for medical cost containment.  They’re one of the biggest cost drivers in medical costs for workers’ compensation and auto. A group in California was just indicted for fraud with medical billing.The law in California allows for a $250 mark-up over the manufacturer’s invoice.  This group was buying the implants, marking

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Dr. Feelgood

More people are dying each year due to prescription drugs than cocaine and heroin combined. These non-illicit drugs are costing us more than $400 billion a year for healthcare, loss of job wages, traffic accidents, and criminal system costs. We no longer have a problem with prescription drugs, we have an epidemic, namely with pain

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US Healthcare: Consumes 80% of World’s Opioid Prescriptions

Prescription painkiller use is at an all time high in America. Eighty percent of the world’s opioid prescriptions are taken in the US, yet we make-up just 4.6 percent of the world’s population. That means we’re consuming 83 painkillers for every one pill the average person takes around the world. So it’s no surprise that a recent lead story on WorkCompWire centered on a

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More Consumerism in Healthcare

Here is another article about consumerism in healthcare. It discusses how people who cost the healthcare system more are going to be asked to pay more. I expect this way of thinking to become more common as the costs of healthcare rise and companies can no longer absorb the costs.