7 Keys to Happiness

I read this article​ which listed basic things that the happiest people do every day.  It seems like common sense, but it’s a list worth noting. It’s also very simple and easy to remember.

I broke these 7 keys down into 3 basic groups.

Take care of your own health

1.  Choose to exercise.

2.  Choose to take care of your body.

It is hard to be happy if you do not feel your best.  Eat well and work out so you are in a position to feel good and enjoy life.

Be good to people, and expect the same from others

3.  Choose to be polite.

4.  Choose to be surrounded by people you like and love.

Surround yourself with people that raise your energy and do the same for others. There is a children’s book series about being a “bucket filler or a bucket drainer that my child studied in school.  Interactions really are that simple.  If you’re a bucket filler, and surround yourself with bucket fillers, enjoying life is easy to do.

Attitude: Be OPEN to being happy

5.  Choose to enjoy the world.

6.  Choose to be grateful.

7.  Choose to be happy.

People often do not realize that happiness is a choice.  When I was a teenager, I chose to be angry.  Over time, I have worked to choose happiness.  One of the things that I find hardest in life is maintaining my sense of wonder and gratitude.  Growing up, we did not have a lot of money and I could never have imagined doing or experiencing many of the things I’ve had the opportunity to do in my life.  For example, I still remember when going out to eat was a very rare and special occasion. Since then, dining out has become more common for me professionally and personally and I have to work harder to appreciate it (and I try to).  It is critical to choose to be happy, remember to be grateful, and to slow down and enjoy the wonders around us.