Shhhh — Just Listen to Your Customers

I was speaking with the CEO of an investment holding company and we were discussing the importance of listening to your customer vs. just talking at them about what we think is important. His holding firm owns many companies, including a sign making company (Dunkin Donuts is a client). He was talking about his sales

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More Consumerism in Healthcare

Here is another article about consumerism in healthcare. It discusses how people who cost the healthcare system more are going to be asked to pay more. I expect this way of thinking to become more common as the costs of healthcare rise and companies can no longer absorb the costs.

If You Are The Smartest Person in the Room … Find a New Room

“If you’re the smartest person in the room … find a new room.” I heard this saying the other day, and it brought a smile to my face.  It illustrates the thought process of a person that will have success in life. Successful and strong people crave and seek out other strong people.  They want

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Evolutionary Change vs. Revolutionary Change

I often talk about Evolutionary change vs. Revolutionary change. All products and companies need to change to survive. They need to get better, cheaper and faster at what they already do today. An effective company develops ways to evolve over time.  Your competition is also evolving.  They do not sit around and do nothing, as much

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Entitlement in Society (Part 3): Diminishes Quality of Life

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” a slogan Karl Marx popularized.  This is not a new enlightened idea; it’s the basis of communist philosophy.  It sounds almost identical to what I am hearing in the CNN article “Are Jobs Obsolete?” , which prompted this three part blog series. It’s

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Entitlement in Society (Part 2): Stunts Growth

In my last post we introduced the disturbing CNN article, “Are Jobs Obsolete?,” and discussed how the premise that most Americans don’t need to work would negatively impact individuals’ happiness and self-esteem.  Now, in the second of a three-part blog series on entitlement in society, we’ll discuss why making jobs obsolete would stunt our country’s growth. The article makes

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Entitlement in Society (Part 1): Destroys Happiness

I recently read one of the most disheartening news pieces I have ever seen: “Are Jobs Obsolete?”  Not only was it on the front page of CNN’s website, but more than 37,000 people “liked it” on Facebook.  The article’s premise boggles my mind: the US is so productive that we shouldn’t worry about unemployment rates.

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