Encouraging “Flow”

We all have a lot on our plates these days. Email, cell phones, texts, instant messages, Tweets, and Facebook, all allow constant and instant access to us.  This is supposed to increase production, and it does, at times. It also dramatically decreases production on items that require concentration, focus and time to solve issues.  It

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Leadership Insight from Amazon

With Steve Jobs no longer with us, a lot of people are talking about Jeff Bezos from Amazon as the best CEO out there. This interview points out the six things that they knew in 1997 that have made their results so amazing today. When you have a window of opportunity, go for the jugular

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Shhhh — Just Listen to Your Customers

I was speaking with the CEO of an investment holding company and we were discussing the importance of listening to your customer vs. just talking at them about what we think is important. His holding firm owns many companies, including a sign making company (Dunkin Donuts is a client). He was talking about his sales

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More Consumerism in Healthcare

Here is another article about consumerism in healthcare. It discusses how people who cost the healthcare system more are going to be asked to pay more. I expect this way of thinking to become more common as the costs of healthcare rise and companies can no longer absorb the costs.

If You Are The Smartest Person in the Room … Find a New Room

“If you’re the smartest person in the room … find a new room.” I heard this saying the other day, and it brought a smile to my face.  It illustrates the thought process of a person that will have success in life. Successful and strong people crave and seek out other strong people.  They want

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