2021 Work Comp Benchmark Study – Three Obstacles to Providing Superior Claims Performance and What Organizations Must Do to Overcome Them


Moderator: Dan Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief, Risk & Insurance


  • Denise Algire, Director of Risk Initiatives & National Medical Director, Albertsons Companies
  • Suzanne Emmet, SVP of Claims, Eastern Alliance Insurance Group
  • Marcos Iglesias, MD, Chief Medical Director, Travelers
  • Jason Beans, Chief Executive Officer, Rising Medical Solutions


Since the Work Comp Benchmark Study’s inception, both claims leader and frontline professional survey participants have repeatedly identified the same three obstacles – 1) Iack of adequate return to work options, 2) the impact of litigation on claims outcomes, and 3) psychosocial factors and other comorbidities that delay and impair recovery – to be the foremost barriers to achieving positive claim results. Connecting them all is one common theme – their respective solutions all require operational transformation

In this one-hour webinar, study experts will examine what higher performing organizations are doing to transform legacy processes, mindsets, and semantics to advance in the face of deeply entrenched challenges and propel new levels of claims management mastery.