Succeeding with an Unbundled Claims Management Approach


Moderator: Dan Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief, Risk & Insurance


  • Frank Lott, Corporate Claims Director, FirstGroup America
  • Suzanne Flynn, SVP & Risk Management Consultant, Wells Fargo Insurance Services
  • Barry Bloom President, The bdb Group
  • Anne Kirby, Chief Compliance Officer & VP of Medical Review Services, Rising Medical Solutions


Unbundling workers’ compensation managed care services can make a lot of sense for some employers. But meeting the demands of a changing environment is a constant challenge whether you are — considering unbundling — have recently unbundled — or want to gauge the effectiveness of your unbundled program. Limited risk management resources, the complexities of data management and transparency, and increased medical costs are combining to push claims executives to improve their approach. Not doing so is to risk bad outcomes, not only for injured workers but for corporate bottom lines.

A diverse panel will offer employer, managed care, and claims executive perspectives on unbundled approaches, including:

  • Considerations when unbundling managed care services
  • An effective team approach, including the coordination of internal resources and the various vendors involved in unbundled claims management
  • Best practices in data management, including addressing the state reporting burden
  • Using performance measures to validate the effectiveness of an unbundled approach