2016 Work Comp Benchmark Study: Employing Data-Backed Claim Differentiators


Moderator: Dan Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief, Risk & Insurance


  • Marcos Iglesias MD, VP, Medical Director, The Hartford
  • Trecia Sigle, AVP – Workers’ Compensation Claims, Nationwide
  • Denise Algire, Director Managed Care & Disability, Corporate Risk, Albertsons Companies
  • Anne Kirby, Chief Compliance Officer & VP of Care Management, Rising Medical Solutions


Long-tail claims, high claims volumes, heavy caseloads and an ever-changing regulatory environment can throttle payers, both large and small. But many claims management techniques proclaimed to be “best practices” are met with skepticism because the data to back them up is limited or unavailable. Do some of these alleged “best practices” actually move the needle?

For the first time, a national survey of claims leaders has gathered enough meaningful data to prove that a number of methods are generating better claim outcomes, clearly differentiating superior claims management organizations from industry peers.

In this one-hour webinar, the authors of the groundbreaking fourth annual Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study discuss the merits of various processes and tools that elevate performance, as well as ways to overcome the organizational obstacles that can sidetrack their use.

This expert panel shares the study data and discusses approaches that make a clear difference, including:

  • predictive modeling, analytics, and other claims decision support tools
  • effective use of various data sources, including evidence-based medicine guidelines
  • implementing formal knowledge transfer programs
  • effective application of payment strategies with providers
  • provider and pharmacy outcome measures
  • value-based care models
  • advocacy-based claims models