2015 Work Comp Benchmark Study: The Upside of the Claims Talent Crisis — A Roadmap Forward


Moderator: Dan Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief, Risk & Insurance


  • Denise Algire, Director, Managed Care & Disability, Corporate Risk, Albertsons Safeway Inc.
  • Srivatsan Sridharan, SVP – Workers’ Compensation Product Management, Gallagher Bassett
  • Tom Stark, Technical Director – Workers’ Compensation, Nationwide Insurance
  • Jason Beans, CEO, Rising Medical Solutions


Workers’ compensation claims organizations are facing a crisis — an aging talent pool and a mass exodus of Baby Boomers that will impact virtually every facet of claims operations. From core competencies, to technology, to development and retention strategies — the industry must undertake a holistic evaluation of the far-reaching risks and repercussions that the coming crisis poses. And while this crossroads represents a challenge, it also provides the opportunity to draw a roadmap forward, from uncertainty to upside.

Results from the Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study, a national multi-year study of more than 700 claims leaders, has quantified the state of claims management today as well as captured executives’ visions for the future through this year’s focus group research.

In 2015, we find claims leaders centering on the talent gap, as well as how to empower a new generation so that they are creators of value through better outcomes management. As revealed by study results, far too few organizations are investing in developing talent, a business risk with grave consequences.

This webinar seeks to redefine the talent crisis as an opportunity to ask this question — how do we align the industry’s emerging claims talent with achieving better results: getting injured employees healthier and productive faster, while lowering costs.

Expert panelists involved in the study discuss:

  • Attracting and retaining the new generation of talent — Millennials. Ambitious, technology-friendly, and keen on achieving a sense of higher purpose in their work, this new generation has enormous potential — if that potential can be tapped, developed and deployed effectively.
  • Restructuring strategies to aim for success in outcomes management, not just process and compliance improvement, with a much greater emphasis on empowering claims professionals with the data, tools and training needed to achieve mastery in claims management.
  • Marrying talent strategies with technology strategies and pairing the tech-driven Millennials with advanced analytics that enhance complex decision-making.
  • Defining new career paths that will allow Millennials and other professionals to fly faster and farther and achieve their ambitions while providing a high degree of job satisfaction.
  • Developing solid mentoring opportunities and senior training to ensure a culture of formalized knowledge transfer programs.
  • Elevating the socially-conscious aspects of the claims profession, understanding the importance of purposeful employment for today’s talent.