A key component of Texas workers’ compensation reform is the legislation enacted to address delivery of care.

Texas Health Care Networks (HCNs)

Effective January 1, 2011, employers who subscribe to the Texas workers’ compensations system can no longer use voluntary and informal networks to treat occupational injuries. Under House Bill 473 passed in 2007, fee-for-service discounts in the treatment of injured employees will only be permitted through Health Care Networks (HCNs) that are certified by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).


Rising’s Texas HCN solution consists of a:

  • Fully certified solution under Texas regulations
  • Statewide panel of qualified, primary treating physicians
  • Diverse selection of specialists for additional care
  • Network of providers with experience treating occumpational injuries / illness
  • Standard use of evidence-based treatment protocols


Rising’s Texas HCN solution provides payers with:

  • Better channeling to providers for optimal treatment and cost-effective care
  • More opportunities to verify medical necessity through pre-authorizations
  • Greater medical control for the life of a claim


Rising’s Texas HCN solution provides ease with:

  • Web-based HCN directory for a fast look-up of providers in specific locations
  • Access to HCN providers near an employee’s home or work
  • Employer and employee HCN materials

In addition to our Texas HCN solution, Rising provides an entire suite of Texas medical cost containment services.

Texas HCN Services: