An important component of any California insurer’s medical cost containment strategy is the deployment of a California MPN (Medical Provider Network).

An MPN is a group of healthcare providers used by employers to treat workers injured on the job.  Each California MPN must include a mix of providers specializing in work-related injuries and providers with expertise in general areas of medicine.  Each MPN is certified individually for an insurer and goes through an approval process for certification by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC).  Rising acts as the authorized liaison to the DWC and administers MPNs on behalf of our insurer customers.


Rising’s California MPN solution consists of:

  • A diverse, statewide network of physicians, specialists and facilities, many of which have been nominated by our customers
  • Listings of MPN providers within 15 miles of an injured worker’s workplace and/or residence


Rising’s California MPN solution provides insurers with:

  • Greater medical control for the life of a claim
  • Better channeling to providers for optimal care and faster return-to-work


Rising’s California MPN solution provides ease with:

  • Web-based MPN directory to quickly look-up providers and specialists in specific locations
  • Access to MPN providers near a worker’s home or work
  • Employer and employee MPN materials
  • A “Health Ticket” giving injured workers a single document with all their pertinent treatment information (i.e. provider data, UR requirements)

In addition to our California MPN solution, Rising provides an entire suite of California medical cost containment and care optimization services.

California MPN Services: