Your employer has selected Rising Medical Solutions (Rising) to administer their California Medical Provider Network (CA MPN) to provide medical treatment to their injured workers. The providers chosen to participate in this DWC-certified program have been contracted because of their proven abilities to treat work-related injuries and to assure injured workers can return to work in a safe and appropriate manner.

MPN Medical Access Assistant / MPN Contact:
Our Medical Access Assistant and MPN Contact are available Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm Pacific Time, excluding Sundays and holidays. The Medical Access Assistant can assist with access to medical care under the MPN including assistance with finding MPN providers, setting up appointments, and supplying callers with a directory of participating providers if needed. The MPN Contact can answer questions about the MPN, address MPN complaints, and provide you with a copy of any MPN notifications or policies. The contact information for the MPN Medical Access Assistant or MPN Contact is:

MPN Contact: MPN Coordinator
Medical Access Assistant (MAA): MPN Coordinator
Toll Free Phone Number: 888.502.2325 Ext. 1 English, Ext. 2 Spanish
Email Address:
Fax Number: 888.534.4701

To directly access your employer’s MPN Provider List
, please refer to the MPN Provider website link and instructions included in your Employee Notification. If you need assistance, please contact the Rising MPN Medical Access Assistant.


Disclaimer:  The information on this webpage is applicable for the MPN’s managed by Rising Medical Solutions. It is intended to be used for accessing information by injured workers and their representatives whose claim has been accepted and the employer/insurer has agreed that the injury or illness is covered by workers’ compensation. Access to this webpage and use of these providers does not constitute approval of benefits.