Vice President of Finance, Administration, and Talent

As Rising’s senior financial executive and head administrator, Erik is responsible for the strategic management of Rising’s finances and office operations. From budget forecasting to tax reporting, property management to pricing analysis, all processes, systems, and staffing related to Rising’s financial health, corporate administration, and regulatory compliance fall under his purview.

Moreover, Erik oversees Rising’s talent management strategies. Understanding that customer satisfaction is a direct result of employee satisfaction (and not the other way around), Erik leads our Talent team in critical activities driving employee engagement/retention, benefits optimization, and ongoing cultural growth.

In a client-facing capacity, Erik directs our provider payment operations as part of Rising’s end-to-end managed care services.

Prior to joining Rising, Erik held finance, administration, and talent leadership positions across multiple industries, working for such companies as Kirby Lester, Cision US Inc., and SBC Global (now AT&T). With more than 20 years of multifaceted experience, Erik’s acumen enables him to identify and champion those business practices that contribute to Rising’s strong financial stability and sustainable growth.

Erik earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northeastern Illinois University.

Favorite Rising Core Value – Laugh Often, it’s Contagious

“Laughter is a universal language. When faced with a stressful situation, responding to it with humor puts people at ease and has a positive ripple effect on customers, be they internal or external.”