Chief Information Officer

Dan Trahan oversees the development and implementation of proprietary technologies that save our clients time and operational costs. His primary focus as Rising’s Chief Information Officer is to automate services, streamline processes, and enable users to focus on high-value activities. As technology is a cornerstone of our medical bill review, medical care management and financial management solutions, Dan leads one of Rising’s biggest differentiating factors.

With over 20 years of experience, Dan’s career has spanned across multiple industries. He’s worked in key roles at Allstate, Zurich, Abbott Laboratories, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Kraft Foods, and the McDonald’s Corporation. Dan also co-founded EnterPAS, a Compliance Document Management software firm that focused on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. There, he led the product team in designing and building software to help FDA-regulated customers automate their quality processes.

Since joining Rising in 2007, Dan has held several critical leadership roles. He began as Vice President of Professional Services, where he managed data analytics, quality, and process control and the delivery of all client, partner, and web product implementations. Dan then became Chief Operating Officer, where he ensured efficient and effective operations, from employee productivity to the overall quality of our products and services.

Dan earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis in Business from Northern Illinois University.

Favorite Rising Core Value – Foundations Foremost

“It’s important to stay focused on foundations that you can build upon over the long term. Building on a solid foundation drives efficiencies, promotes quality, maximizes resources and ultimately enables faster delivery compared to quick fix solutions.”