The Reason Rising Doesn’t Prepare MSA Allocations

This question often comes up. The answer couldn’t be more relevant and pressing than in today’s marketplace. Simply put: it’s a conflict of interest that Rising doesn’t take lightly.

We feel strongly that a separation must be upheld; we don’t play on both sides of the fence.  The involvement in the preparation of an MSA Allocation can present a conflict of interest, intended or unintended.  We take great pride in clearly delineating between assigning funds and administering funds.

Whether administration fees are a ‘percentage of the total or annual MSA settlement funds’ or based on a type of ‘tiered structure’ determined by an injury’s severity, these fees are inevitably linked to the MSA Allocation amount.  That’s precisely why we don’t prepare MSA Allocations. We don’t want our fee incentives to be questioned, and we don’t want to play in the “gray areas.” We like our intentions to be clear-cut and transparent.

Our duty and loyalty is to our clients. In keeping with Rising’s professional and ethical standards, we accept complete responsibility for supporting our clients in every way possible.  As Administrators and Advisors, we dedicate our efforts to post-settlement MSA administration and aim to reduce all settlement parties’ liability and secure the financial future of injured individuals.